The Ambience Water Outlook

Healthy Living is important - Start with your water


Open Data

Open Data is the complete collection of widely available information on the internet. With this and our own developed algorithms, we at Ambience Data aim to provide insights into the correlations between air pollutants and other environmental factors on our water.

Sewage Water

Sewage is generated by commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings. By knowing what constitutes our sewage, we will be able to develop better processes to treat and reduce the production of sewage. Let us help you with that solution.


Rainfall affects many aspects of our everyday lives; flash flooding, soil moisture, well water levels and more. With our data models and wealth of historical data, our predictions will be accurate and precise. Precise enough for you to develop channels and drainage networks to properly handle whatever mother nature has to offer. Let us be a part of your water management solution.


Waste Water Quality

Understand the composition of the wastewater in your treatment facilities. Reduce health and safety hazards that may be already present in your system and know how to better deal with your water.

Water Quality

Our sensors will monitor and log all the key factors that after your water quality; conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, temperature etc.

Ground Water Monitoring

Implement long term solutions to monitor groundwater levels and temperatures in wells, boreholes and bodies of open water.

Cloud Storage

Having your data stored in the cloud will ensure your data is always saved and always available from computers. Do not be tied to one piece of hardware to access your data.

Email and SMS Alerts

Configure your alert system to give you email and text message alerts so that you will be in the know if anything affects your systems.

Web Based Vizualization Tools

Raw data can be intimidating to look at, with smooth graphic and pregenerated reports, your data will be easy on the eye and straight forward to understand.


Real-Time Monitoring

See the most up to date figures when it comes to your water supply's conductivity, pH, temperature and turbidity.

Notification System

Our sensors will detect certain contaminants in your water and notify you immediately. This feature comes with your subsscription to our Dashboard system.

Create your own Smart Water System

Have all your data at your fingertips and make decisions that make sense for you.