What is IoT anyways?

What is IoT anyways?

The Internet of Things (IoT), is a collection of interrelated devices, embedded with software, sensors and network components. These devices work within a system together, relaying information to the cloud, to us the users, and to each other. These 'smart devices' can be anything from tables, fridges and mobile phones, to tractors, vents or even jet engines. 

Coinciding with the rise of the IoT, has been a rise in development of network technologies. It is of no surprise that with the abundance of internet enabled devices, the speed, reliability and coverage area of various networks has also surged. Not too long ago, finding Wi-Fi outside of the home or office was seen as a moment of fortune, now however, most coffee shops, fast food restaurants and libraries have publicly available Wi-Fi as a standard fixture.

It is here in this era of smart devices and perpetual connectivity, that Ambience Data seeks to enhance our daily lives. With our devices, we aim to highlight the ever-changing environment we live in. To always have data available on our surroundings: pollutant levels; water levels and flow rates; wind directions and speeds; all factors that affect our daily lives for better or worse. With our platform, we aim to connect the available data to manual and automated actions and planning, so that we can help create smarter buildings and cities, minimize pollution and business expenses, and create the societies of tomorrow today.


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