Geoweb Summit

Geoweb Summit

On Thursday night, Ambience Data hosted a panel at the Toronto Geoweb Summit in the Leslieville neighbourhood of Toronto. Geoweb summits have also previously been hosted in Brooklyn and London. The summits provide a forum that is dedicated to discussing geographic information systems (GIS), the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data, and sensors.   

Panels were comprised of various big data startups across Toronto. Panel topics included mapping apps, making sense of sensors and geomarketing. Startups discussed how their businesses employed IoT platforms and data stored in clouds, giving examples such as self-driving cars 

Ambience Data hosted a panel on sensors and IoT and discussed our humble beginnings producing hardware monitors with air quality sensors.

As we developed this system however, we realized that our ability to transmit and collect data from a network of connected devices could be expanded to collect data on any environmental vertical imaginable. Our sensors are plug-and-play so we can now attach sensors and collect data on everything from water quality, waste water, dust conditions, solar energy, air quality, luminosity, UV index to flood monitoring, aquaculture, drought, crop yield, earthquakes, smog, HVAC systems, building usage and more.

The data we collect, along with open source data is now being used by businesses, schools, governments and citizens to predict pollution levels, energy efficiency and population health. As well, it we can monitor and mitigate the environmental conditions that are changing as a result of climate change.


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