Press Release - Ambience Data is on the Road to Success

Ambience Data has reached another milestone in its’ road to success. In less than a week, the start-up company was able to sign another Memorandum of Agreement, this time with SunPillar Inc. This MOA is for SunPillar Inc. to use Ambience Data’s air pollution sensors to monitor the ambient environment around their crop fields in three farms.


SunPillar Inc is in the agricultural business that has unique expertise in viticulture, apiculture, and general agriculture. The data provided from Ambience Data’s sensors will allow a more in depth analysis of various requirements for the different crops.


Agriculture is a field that is constantly needed in order to feed the people on our planet. With the climate having such drastic changes, it is extremely important to understand how we can enable the growth of our crops. By determining the optimal environment for the crops we would be able to grow them more efficiently and effectively. Ambience Data is excited to be apart of this sector and will continue producing sensors that are able to monitor a wide range of parameters in order to help many others who are in need of monitoring and data analysis.

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