Northumberland CFDC’s Fifth Annual N100 Startup Competition

On August 8th, Northumberland CFDC announced Ambience Data as the Winner of its Annual N100 Startup Competition at the Qoints Startup BBQ. The competition started in March with a total of 35 companies in the running for $100,000 in early-stage investment.



Left to right: Rick Holmes, Wendy Curtis, Nisha Sarveswaran, Cory Rosenfield, John Hayden

The entire process was extremely intense with three rounds of selection and a group of amazing companies competing with us. The final round came down to the Top 3 companies presenting to the Board of Directors of CFDC. Nisha Sarveswaran, CEO of Ambience Data, presented our remote real-time environmental monitoring devices to the panel and successfully secured our position.



 Nisha Sarveswara, CEO of Ambience Data


We are looking to enhance our manufacturing operations of our environmental monitoring hardware and are excited to work with the Northumberland Manufacturers’ Association to get this started. The community is amazing and have great resources to guide us in this process. Ambience Data is honoured to be a winner of this competition and look forward to all the opportunities that Northumberland has to offer!

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