Pujiang Innovation Forum 2017 held in Toronto

Pujiang Innovation Forum 2017 held in Toronto

The Pujiang Innovation Forum 2017 - Canada Forum was held on May 16,2017 in Metro Toronto Convention Center. As a member of Canadian company representatives, Ambience Data has attended this clean technology event. This yearly event serves as the bridge to connect Canadian and Chinese businesses forging an eco-chain between two countries. 2017 Pujiang Innovation Forum was a great success. Companies attended learned many successful cooperation stories and had the opportunity for B2B meetings.


Ambience Data was invited to present our company to potential Chinese partners during the forum. We focus on combining the world’s open source big data, environmental data, customer data, and data from our sensors to provide truly meaningful data insights. During the B2B session, we met with Umore Consulting Group, Shanghai Youbo, Hinergy and Hehui Environment companies from China. It was an informative session which helped Ambience Data to learn more about the needs of Chinese market.

As the environmental issue gains more and more attention globally, Ambience Data is looking for different kinds of opportunities to help precisely monitor and analyze environmental data in highly polluted mega cities. Our IOT solution could be easily accessed for air and water quality monitoring. Ambience Data is looking forward to exploring the prosperous Chinese market and deploy our technology for the environmental benefits.

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