Canada Target 1

Canada Target 1 is a project created with the intension to achieve biodiversity targets by 2020 through traditional ecological knowledge by the Indigenous peoples of Canada as well as scientific knowledge. The goal of Canada Target 1 is to create more conservation areas to have a lasting effect on biodiversity. The project was started in 2015 with a total of 19 targets focusing on territorial and inland waters:


"By 2020, at least 17% of terrestrial areas and inland water, and 10% of marine and coastal areas of Canada are conserved through networks of protected areas and other effective area-based measures"


Collaboration between governmental bodies, indigineous peoples, municipalities, private and non-profit groups is key to implementing the appropriate actions to meet these goals. Similarly, an official National Advisory Panel will be created for this purpose. 

Seven topics are to be researched and compiled into a report for Ministers to review. The topics include:

  • Defining protected areas and other effective conservation measures

  • Indigenous conservation areas and equitable management from an Indigenous perspective

  • Equitable management from a non-Indigenous perspective

  • Guidance on assessing ecological representation

  • Guidance for connected and integrated parks and conservation areas

  • Guidance on measuring effective management

  • Identifying areas important for biodiversity and ecosystem services

Currently, membership applications are being accepted to be a part of the National Advisory Panel where those selected will be based on their knowledge and expertise. 

This project is a great opportunity to improve environmental health including our water resources. We have a shared responsibility to protect our natural resources -- and this project helps us work towards that.

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