Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring with Ambience Data

Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring with Ambience Data

As more and more people are aware of the air pollution, air monitoring has gained increasing attention in highly polluted areas around the world. For example, in China air quality monitoring and air filtering industries have grown substantially in the last few years. People in China check their local Air Quality Index (AQI), which in Canada is known as the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI), daily from their mobile apps as regularly as they check the daily weather report.

But this pollution data is received from municipal monitoring stations which could be miles away from where citizens are  actually located. Available and accessible ambient air pollution data is therefore increasingly valuable.
With over 7 billion cell phones users all over the world, tracking ambient pollution using personal mobile devices may become the future of tracking air quality and this is exactly with Ambience Data is doing! Our engineers are developing small and effective gas sensors which can be inserted into cell phones to collect data. As data is collected, it will be stored and meshed with everyone’s data to create an instantaneous daily pollution map.
With this data and awareness, populations will have the option to walk to work, commuting along the route with the lowest concentration of PM 2.5, a dangerous pollutant commonly found in the air in cities, or less sodium dioxide, another hazardous pollutant.
All of this will be made possible through the convenience of the Internet of Things (IOT) platforms. Our plug and play sensors will collect and process data to provide populations with a better quality of life. Our current products Bluejay and Starling are both plug and play air monitors which provide real-time air quality data. For more information, please refer to

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