Air Pollution - A Mother's Concern



As a mother I am very concerned about air pollution. My oldest child was born six and a half weeks premature and has severe peanut allergies and asthma. We have learned as family how to deal with these issues. He constantly carries an Epipen and uses an inhaler on a regular basis.


Some things are out of our control such as the local air pollution. Particulate Matter in the atmosphere affects all of us but it especially hits hard people with respiratory problems such as asthmatics.


Air pollution is everywhere but the gravity of the situation particularly struck me this past summer as I was vacationing in Bangalore, India with my family. the levels were so bad that they directly affected our breathing and voices.


One account of the dangers of traffic pollution was particularly chilling. A cyclist had posted the following picture:



the picture show what happens to the cyclists breathing mask in the course of 3 days cycling in the local traffic. Particulate Matter is so dense that it discolors the mask very quickly. As the author of the article point out, this is what is being brought into our respiratory system and deposited into our breathing organs.


Human lungs were never intended to be air scrubbers for 21st century pollutants. It's scary what we breathe in and becomes part of our internals. 


If you are a mom, a teacher, a coach or anyone else who is in charge of taking care of young kids then having real-time information on air quality can be very valuable. Ambience Data can not only provide real-time pollution telemetry but can customize the reports based on your personal characteristics (i.e. location, medical history, ...)


Air pollution is a reality for most everyone in the world. Taking precautions and knowing when it’s safe to be outside is where information is one way we can protect ourselves and our families. 




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