Why are Pesticides Banned? The Toxic Nature of Pesticides.

March is soon approaching. Everyone is looking forward to the beautiful colours of spring when flowers begin to bloom and grass turns green. Soon enough, everyone will be preparing their gardens for produce in the summer. However, with spring comes all the insects and pests as well. Many homeowners look into pesticides (in this article, pesticides will cover terms including herbicide, insecticide, etc) they can purchase to eradicate insects and weeds from their perfect garden.

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Ozone: Friend or Foe?

The topic of ozone is generally discussed in an environmental discussion regarding pollutants in the air. It’s a term you may here often, but it’s not a term everyone fully understands. You hear statements about the ozone layer depleting and how we need to prevent the hole from getting bigger, but a couple seconds later somebody else would mention ozone being a pollutant. If you’re not in the field of Environmental Science or have much background in this area the topic of ozone can get confusing. With ozone being such a prevalent pollutant in our system, it should be a topic everybody is educated on to understand the extent of the problem.

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Press Release - A Trip to India

Nisha Sarveswaran, the CEO of Ambience Data, is currently in India for the 2016 Canada Trade Mission accompanying Kathleen Wynne, the Premier of Ontario. This opportunity will be used to open doors to the air quality market in India in order to aide in the severe air pollution problem they face.

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

Plants should not only be kept as an embellishment to adorn your personal space and give aesthetic beauty to your home, but they must be considered as an important element to give you a healthy life within the walls of your home. You might be a bit hesitant in keeping an indoor plant as it demands a good amount of your time in tending and maintaining them, but the health benefits that you can enjoy will pay off for your hard work. Below are the top 5 health benefits of keeping plants within your home:

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Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Ionization smoke detector is more sensitive to smaller smoke particles than the photoelectric type detectors. In a fire, the alarm triggering times between these two types are similar. But in a smoldering fire, when big particles are released, photoelectric detectors are triggered earlier.

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Smart Cities: Changes in remote monitoring

Smart Cities: Changes in remote monitoring

Remote monitoring, as a concept, has been present for a very long time. There are conflicting reports of the earliest applications of some form of remote system, some dating back to as early as 1912 in the United States. However, one thing remains consistent, the fact that this remote monitoring system was applied in some sort of industrial setting. In the early days, remote monitoring was not known by this name however, it was known as a Supervisory system. Here is a little history lesson.

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