A Global Weather & Pollution API

We offer real-time, hyperlocal, weather & pollution data from across the globe. Get access to detailed and accurate historical pollution data, real-time data, and weather forecasts with our easy-to-use REST API.

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A Comprehensive Environmental Dataset

We combine government monitoring stations with our own proprietary hardware monitoring units installed within urban cities to collect environmental data on a hyperlocal scale. Unlike other weather & pollution APIs, our data is not modelled - it's real, so you can always rely on it.


Our dense spatial distribution of sensor networks allows us to collect data on a very local scale in urban areas.


We only use the best sensors, guaranteeing data collected by our sensors is always accurate.          


Stay in the know - data collected is transmitted to our cloud every second and given to you in real-time

Solutions and Use Cases

Mobile App & Widgets

Easily integrate real-time weather & pollution data into your mobile app or widget.

Data Analytics

Use our historical data to include in your analytics projects.

Notifications & Alerts

Use our forecasted data to provide alerts and notification features on your smart devices or apps.

Coming Soon! Advanced Data Analytics

Use our API to get access to weather and pollution data analytics.

Spatial Mapping

Using our dense environemtnal monitoring sensor networks installed in select cities, we can confidently model pollution levels to an extremely local scale with a high degree of accuracy.

Forecasts & Predictions

Utilizing decades of historical weather and pollution data, we produces accurate pollution forecasts, in real-time, at a hyperlocal scale.

How It Works

Head on over to our API dashboard to set up an account and get started.

Upon registering and verifying your account, you find an API Key on your dashboard.

Follow to documentation on how to use the various types of calls you can make.

Data is returned as a JSON string so you can easily integrate it into any of your projects!


The Ambience Data API is a service that provides the user with weather and pollution data. This can be the raw data from around the world, or the data derived from the models and algorithms developed by Ambience Data. Integrate our API into your data solution.

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  • No commitment
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Basic Analytics

  • Up tp 2000 API calls/day
  • Email Support
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Advanced Analytics

  • High call volumnes
  • Enhanced and Customized API features
  • Annual commitment with enterprise terms