Smart Agriculture

Water Drainage

Waste water and drowning of crops is a real problem. Lets control how much drainage you need and recycle where we can.


Simply watering your crops will no longer cut it. With waste water and nutrients being washed away, controlled and automatic irrigation will maximize your crops yield.

Heating and Cooling

With the high cost of energy in this day and age, having heat dispersed by air or trapped in water, it is easy to say that energy efficiency should be on the forefront of your mind.

Predictive Models

Event Notification

Identify areas of interest that could lead to disease risk or crop devaluation.

Flood Detection

Deploy these sensors at strategic points across the land and have early flood detection as a top priority. Connect to an automated system of flood gates and run-off drainpipes to prevent extensive flooding.

Soil Moisture

Maximise soil cultivation techniques and automate irrigation

Weather Data

With access to information and data on the internet, paired with our own algorithms, we aim to deliver accurate predictions and analyses on all aspects of weather around the world.

Trend Analysis

Understand climate events and determine correct scheduling of watering and planting.

Our Services

Real-Time Monitoring

Be informed of the air quality in your home or school at all times. Our products provide real-time monitoring for you to check on your mobile wherever you go.

Notification System

Once our sensors detect a level of unhealthy air quality, a warning system will be sent on the product as well as the app. That way you can be informed on the air quality of your home even when you’re at work.

Custom Solution

Have all your data at your fingertips and make decisions that make sense for you.

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