Ambience IoT Monitoring Service

The Ambience IoT Monitoring service provides the user with a live and contantly updating dashboard with all their sensors and devices connected. With notifications, alerts and report generation built-in, selecting the best service for you has never been easier. Look below for which services suite your life style or work place.

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Cloud Solution

Our dashboard provides:

  • With access to your real time data, you will understand the impact of your decisions immediately saving time and cost, be aware of incidents as they occur and have the ability to increase your productivity because communication takes time. Real time data in no time at all.
  • With the ability to generate reports, you can see the big picture when it comes to your building management. Understanding how different factors affect each other in the same building ecosystem is crucial to driving down cost and increasing efficiency of both man and machine.
  • View historical data which can not only be viewed for each device, but also compared to others. Side by side comparisons of power consumption, machine status, air quality can give key insight into understanding how your building and machines are functioning.
  • With our building/room/spacial view tool in our dashboard, you can separate each buildings devices and see in real time, the state of machines and quality of the air in the building or surroundings.

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Cloud Database

Bring your business data to the cloud by connecting to our secure, high performance cloud database. Connect real-time monitoring devices or upload big data sets - our cloud infrastructure will help you easily manage it all.


View all your data on our customizeable web-based dashboard. See real-time data from your devices or manage large data sets using a simple click and drag system. Choose what, how, and where you see your data.

Data Analytics

Powered by machine learning, our platform offers meaningful data analytics on your data. Automatically get predictions & forecasts, trend analysis, device metrics, live alerts & anomaly detection, and even custom analytics.

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Sign up for a Falcon 1 account and receive your Account Info, API key, and SDK pacakge.


Use our SDK package, available in python & node.js, to connect your internet enabled devices to the Falcon 1 Cloud.

View Data

Once connected, login to the Falcon 1 Dashboard and instantly view your device data and analytics.


Change your layout, set up customizeable SMS & email alerts, organize your data, and more.




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