Ambience Data IOT Platform

Offers a suite of components designed for easy deployment of applications across the web.

A Diverse Platform

A complete solution for interenet enabled devices. It will reduce the amount of programming that will need to be done, while giving you interconnective components such as a dashboard, mobile apps, versatile devices and secure cloud servers. With an end to end platform like this, you can control and maintain your devices, manage what you do with the collected data, set notifications and keep track of your assets remotely.

Remote Data Collection

Device Management

3rd Party Integration

Secure Connectivity

Sensor Management

Built-In Analytics

Ambience Data API

The Ambience Data API is a service that provides the user with weather and pollution data. This can be the raw data from around the world, or the data derived from the models and algorithms developed by Ambience Data. Integrate our API into your data solution.

Free Trial

Up to 100 API calls per day
No commitment

Basic Analysis

Up to 2000 API calls per day
Email Support

Advanced Analytics

High call volumes
Enhanced and Customized API features
Annual commitment with enterprise terms

Perks of Going Green

Building Certification

Something here

Carbon Credit

Use our solutions to monitor and manage your emissions levels. Know your carbon credit value and buy or sell your credits while knowing your emisisons values.

Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is not just only about reducing how much energy a system uses. It also involves understanding when the system needs to be on as well. Understanding overuse is also a key part of reducing the amount of energy drawn by systems. Let us help safeguard you against overuse.

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