Ambience Joins Forces with Heron Instruments

Ambience is proud to announce our new partnership with Heron Instruments, a water-monitoring technology company based in Dundas, Ontario.

Together, Ambience and Heron are developing a new line of smart water monitoring products to meet increasing demand for dependable data and analytics. These solutions will supportmunicipal drinking water and wastewater utilities, industrial partners, andgroundwater and remediation professionals.

Heron’s experienced team has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality water levelmonitoring products coupled with responsive customer care. The company’s products are soldin 30 countries, and they recently expanded sales to India and Japan.

Combined with our team’s knowledge in collecting environmental data and offering actionableinsights, Heron’s established industry expertise in the water sector will help Ambience delivernew solutions for water measurement and monitoring.

Needless to say, the Ambience team is excited to be working with Heron and we look forwardto offering next-generation products to meet your needs in the very near future. Watch thisspace for updates in the coming months!

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