What is Cleantech?

What is Cleantech?

The Clean Technology, known as Cleantech, revolution began gaining traction about two decades ago and has since changed the operations of  businesses worldwide. The Cleantech industry emerged after awareness of global warming and climate change increased globally. Industrial activities, including burning fossil fuels, have been the attention of environmentalists and citizens for many years. However, the Cleantech revolution provides a promising alternative for the energy industry.


So what is Cleantech? Clean Technology is a broad term used to refer to a product or service that would improve the productivity, performance and/or efficiency of daily operations. Cleantech has many names and aliases, such as Green Engineering or Sustainable Engineering, but these subsets share commonalities as they look to achieve the same goals: pollution prevention, minimization of waste, and resource optimization. These goals can be achieved in a variety of ways which include using non-toxic materials, using solar, hydro and wind energies for electricity generation, and introducing new energy conservation paradigms so that everyone does their part. Cleantech also manages to reduce or eliminate inputs, costs, energy consumption, wastes and the production of environmental pollutants.


Though the goals of the Cleantech movement are ambitious, awareness, public adoption and support will be critical for industries using Cleantech initiatives trying to compete with conventional industries in the market. Cleantech industries and products transcend all aspects of production and manufacturing including but not limited to food production, transportation, waste management, industrial processing, and energy development. A paradigm shift regarding the importance of these technologies and their efficacy will have significant benefits for both the environment and populations. Evidence of this transition is visible in Canada’s recent efforts to embrace decarbonization, which reduces the gaseous carbon compound released from industrial processes.


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