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Ontario Minister of International Trade recognizes Ambience Data

Ontario Minister of International Trade recognizes Ambience Data

The first ever Ontario Water Innovation Week, or #OnWIN on twitter, was held last week by World Water Tech and WaterTap, two prominent water industry leaders. The summit was held between October 18-20 in Toronto.

At the event, industry leaders from across the globe discussed new water technologies, water management, waste water, big data and ...

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Waterborne Diseases

Recently, the World Health Organization announced they will be sending a million cholera vaccines to Haiti to prevent another outbreak. Hurricane Matthew brought winds as fast as 233 kilometres per hour to the country and caused widespread flooding as a result.

The Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Waterborne diseases occur when a person ingests ...

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The Ongoing Crisis with Groundwater Depletion

As you may have heard, California has been in a 'drought emergency' since January 2014. In other words, their underground aquifers are not sustainable drinking water sources. The state has, however, discovered large underwater aquifers located thousands of feet below the ground. The question now is, how can these aquifers be accessed without adversely affecting ...

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