Who is Ambience Air?

Engineering, Science and Computing

Ambience Air maintains a diverse staff from a variety of backgrounds ranging from aerospace & nuclear engineering to the physical sciences and supported by a strong, experienced technical staff.

State Of The Art

Backed by an fascination in the latest and greatest, Ambience Air has approached Data Science in a new and interesting way. We maintain a state of the art catalogue of algorithms developed to satisfy your needs.

Ambience Air Platform

Environmental Air Quality Data Lake

Ambience Air is focused on bringing both a historical and real-time representation of environmental conditions to the world.

Cloud Access

We maintain the opportunity for access to view and download our data lake through the use of our API.

Meaningful Analysis

Utilising our powerful machine learning algorithms, and combining it with the wealth of information at our fingertips, Ambience Air can provide you with wisdom you didn't know you needed and help you produce real solutions.

Different From The Rest


Our web based dashboard is where you can fully manage your IoT monitoring system – no programming required. Display intuitive visualizations of your live and historic data in the form of charts, graphs, and maps; download your data as a spreadsheet; customize your monitoring system settings, and much more, all in one place.

Geospatial Inferrence Mapping

We use State of the Art algorithms developed to provide more localised environmental conditions in the worst locations in the world. This tool lets anyone have more relevant pollution information to their personalized situation.

Data Security

All of our data is protected with the latest security measures, and movement of data is done securely using standards in industry.